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Pole Class Descriptons



INTRO: Start here! First time ever or first time back, and anyone looking to work on and clean up their foundation skills are welcome to take any aerial class that includes "Intro" or "all levels welcome" n the title or description.

LEVEL 1: After about 8 classes, you are probably ready to try Level 1 classes. You should feel comfortable with walks, dips/illusions, pirouettes, 3-4 spins, pole stands, crunches, and sits. Level 1 is a BIG CATEGORY that includes a lot of conditioning and inversion prep, so you may end up wanting to keep in your schedule permanently!

Level 2: Once you are comfortable with the following: POLE: climbing to the ceiling, combining a few spins, connecting poses/positions on the pole, and freestyling with a few elements of aerial, base, and floorwork, Level 2 is where you will come to get upside down. All the inversions begin here. HAMMOCK: please consult instructor. Like Level 1, Level 2 is vast and deep!


Level 3 and up: After you confidently have a few different inverts from the ground and in the air in your toolbox, as well as comfort working with mixed sequences of skills and choreography, you are ready to hang out in Level 3+!

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This is the place we all start our journey. Perfect for learning the basics to pole dancing whether you have a pre existing background in movement arts or not. We move at a slower pace getting acquainted to some of the top moves you should know before moving to Level 1. No shoes in this class, please, we want to focus on acclimating your body to the pole! ALL LEVELS WELCOME


*We recommend you take a minimum of 8 intro classes before leveling up, ask your instructor if you are feeling ready for the next level.


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Ready for the next level? Here we start to expand on everything learned in introduction to pole fitness and more. Level 1 focuses on everything from strength, conditioning and flexibility to prepare you for level 2. We are working on 2 handed spins and lifts, preparation for inversions and leg hooks and hangs, pole climbs, movements around the base of the pole (base work) and floor work basics. Levels 1 and up welcome, instructor approval required. 

*We recommend 8 or more introduction to pole fitness classes first, then move to Level 1 based on instructor feedback.


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So you are feeling good, finding a groove with some good skills, transitions and flows in your toolbox? Let’s get you upside down! In this class we will continue to work on developing sequences of skills and transitions both on the pole and to and from the pole, while learning and incorporating various inversion skills into your pole flows and dancing. Levels 2 and up welcome, instructor approval required.

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If you are already solidly inverting from the ground, and able to do sequences of 3 or more tricks/skills on the pole, come work on your aerial inversions and more advanced skills and sequences, including spinning pole. In this class we will focus not only on clean basics, foundations, and transitions, but on more physically challenging skills and sequences. Levels 3 and up welcome, instructor approval required.

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With or without heels, this class will focus on combining elements of dance and pole skills to create short flows of choreography. Starting with fundamental elements of movement and musicality, options will be layered into the choreography to accommodate more advanced students. LEVEL 1+ WELCOME. 

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Six inch. 7 inch. 8 inch. Mules. Straps. Lucite. Crystals. Neon. Light up. Oh, all of the fun and crazy choices in dance heels! If you have been wishing to take your dancing to the next level, literally, join us in this class as we explore how to safely and confidently dance in sky high heels. We will work on using the heel as it’s own apparatus, leg and ankle strength, transitions to and from the floor, pole, and wall, and yes, even how to fall safely in heels! If you need recommendations and sources for shoes, any instructor can get you started. ALL LEVELS WELCOME. 

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Would you like a safe space to get your dance on and learn to connect sensual movement sequences to music, and maybe learn how to dance in heels? In this class you will be guided through dance flows both on and off the pole, including how to incorporate heels, musicality, and fluidity into your movement. (Candlelight option 5:00 pm Saturday's!) ALL LEVELS WELCOME.

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Let's increase our full-body strength to improve all aspects of dance and pole skills. This class combines on and off the pole skills to increase strength and endurance to help you achieve all the amazing pole goals you have in a fun, energizing class ALL LEVELS WELCOME. 

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Time to build the strength and and endurance you need for pole & aerial dancing and tricks! Starting with a stretch & warm-up, this class is all about drilling fundamentals on the floor, standing-level, and some aerial moves to help perfect your timing, endurance and technique. If you are longing to create strong, clean sequences of skills in the air, this class is a game-changer. Class level indicated on schedule.

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Slow and sexy, fluid and fierce! In this class we’ll take the tempo way down in order to focus on technique, intention, and quality of movement. Bring knee pads and your favorite pair of dancing heels (6 inches or above please!) as we will explore a number of slow sensual low flow combinations on the pol, the floor, the wall and chair too!  ALL LEVELS WELCOME. 

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Now that you have a few floor, base, and aerial dance moves and skills, how do you combine them in different ways? And how do you get from one to the other? This is a multi-level class for both level 1 & up students with modifications up/down based on level. Fluidity class focuses on linking a series of pole moves and tricks into seamless combinations. We are working on shaving off the beginning and end of each move as we transition to truly exude fluidity.  LEVEL 1 AND UP

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Do you freeze when it's time to freestyle, or maybe you do 3 minutes of the same move? Or maybe freestyle is your favorite time to shine! Either way, please join us for this (mostly) pole dance class! We will start with simple choreography and moves and play with changes and modifications of tempo, music, emotion, and more. Then we will proceed to explore freestyle dance through guided exercises, challenging ourselves to move in new ways with confidence. ALL LEVELS WELCOME

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If you are seeking to learn and create flows of dance and skills on a spinning pole, join this class! After we warm up, we will work on both the skills, transitions and endurance to create beautiful spin pole flows combined with different music and movement styles. LEVEL 1 AND UP


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Aerial yoga strengthens muscles and increases flexibility throughout the body. Using the aerial hammock, students flow through a series of postures and exercises, both traditional yoga poses and more circus-like, playful moves - while both using and counteracting gravity. The hammock facilitates deep stretching, helps build strength and, because of it’s high “play” factor, can reduce stress - a physical practice, but with a deep commitment to the mind-body connection.This practice is open to all levels, even with no prior yoga experience! Aerial yoga provides a full body engagement with a soothing savasana floating in your hammock. Come dangle! ALL LEVELS WELCOME.


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Restorative Aerial Yoga is a calmer practice that de-stresses and decompresses the body by using the aerial yoga hammock low to the ground. Every movement is grounded. The hammock and your mat are the main props, but you can also bring your blocks and a yoga blanket for more support. By being grounded and lower to the ground each student can work on holding a gentle stretch for longer, with the option for modifications. The lower hammock can also be used for keeping your feet on the ground while also strengthening your upper body and practicing low inversions. We will stretch, strengthen, and invert while staying low to the ground. Let’s explore what lower movements can benefit you and your body. ALL LEVELS WELCOME.ALL LEVELS WELCOME.


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What do you get when you cross aerial yoga with the circus? Aerial Flow 360! In this class we connect both points of the hammock to a single swivel, and then create beautiful, powerful aerial movement sequences. You control the spin & air time! Build strength and flexibility while developing graceful, connected skills. *Students must have at least 6 aerial yoga (double point) classes OR instructor approval.  ALL LEVELS WELCOME.


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This practice focuses on body and mind connection while simultaneously incorporating movement with breath. Open to all levels, vinyasa flow will help target full body movement, alignment, flexibility, and strength. Prepare your body for the challenges of life, family, work, and most importantly: aerial pursuits! Meet you on the mat! ALL LEVELS WELCOME.


Aerial Yoga Class descrptons
Aerial Hoop Class Descript.


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Have you dreamed of floating and spinning in the air in an aerial hoop, developing and combining strength, skill, and grace? This class will build the strength and fundamentals to confidently: mount; perform basic flows consisting of skills poses, and transitions; and dismounts from the hoop. We have both "taped" and "untaped" classes, meaning the hoop is either wrapped in a cloth tape or not. One is not "easier" necessarily, some prefer one over the other, some like both, so try them both!  ALL LEVELS WELCOME. 

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Are you ready to take your aerial hoop skills to the next level? Once you have developed the fundamentals, continue combining strength, skill, and grace in aerial hoop tricks, combinations, and flows. This class will build the strength and fundamentals to confidently create sequences including mounts; flows consisting of skills poses, and transitions; and dismounts from the hoop. LEVEL 2 AND UP, INSTRUCTOR PERMISSION REQUIRED. 


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This class is a combination of dynamic stretching and deep static stretching - covering all the major muscle groups. Students learn proper, safe techniques to release tight muscles, build whole body flexibility and create space in the body. Emphasis is placed on understanding body mechanics, alignment, and mindful movement. You don’t need to be flexible to take this class - modifications and progressions are provided for all levels! ALL LEVELS WELCOME.


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Liquid Motion is a movement methodology that primarily utilizes the floor as its classroom, working from the ground up. It focuses on sensuality, tucking, tilting, pelvic initiation and full range of motion through the spine. Through sensual floor work combined with basic dance theory and technique, we will teach you how to control and understand your body so that you can become more fluid in all aspects of your floor, aerial and pole journey! The Liquid Motion® program will challenge you both physically and mentally in ways traditional floor work and sensual movement classes never have. The end result is breathtaking and life changing. Liquid Motion® is recognized around the world for its seamless, organic and hypnotic quality of movement. The Liquid Motion® approach is designed by real people, for real people. ALL LEVELS WELCOME. KNEE PADS REQUIRED. 

*Knee pads available for purchase in studio.

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Let out your inner Diva! We’ll combine jazz steps with slinky, sensual dance moves - in, on, and around a chair, with a little floor work for extra fun. Each class begins with a thorough warm-up and finishes with a cool-down/stretch - no dance experience required! ALL LEVELS WELCOME.


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That booty, though…in this class, that’s what it’s about! Booty working, strengthening, building, popping, twerking, dancing and fun choreography all focused on the rear view! ALL LEVELS WELCOME.


Dance & Flex Class Descrip
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