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PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY. Because our classes are 60 minutes of action, every minute counts! Your instructor has prepared a class designed to take your body through the necessary preparations to maximize your success! Missing even 5 minutes of class means your body will not be ready to perform the target skills in class. It is also a distraction to the instructor and your fellow classmates. Therefore, for group classes we require everyone to be ON THEIR MAT within 5 minutes of the start of the class. If you arrive to the studio 5 or more minutes late, we cannot admit you or refund you. For private, semi-private and party appointments, your appointment will begin when all members of your party are present, and end at your reserved time, regardless of arrival time. PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY. 


You may cancel your group class registration up to 6 hours before class without penalty. Within 6 hours of class, you forfeit that class credit. For private, semi- private, and studio rentals, you may cancel up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund. Within 24-3 hours, you will receive a studio-credit to re-schedule. Within 3 hours, there will be no refunds or credits. No exceptions.


In the rare event that we have no one signed up for a class 2 hours before that class, we will cancel that class. Please see below regarding “walk-in” attendance and sign up in advance whenever possible please! Avoid FOMO!



Please check the details on any package you purchase! Most class packs have a 3 month expiration and an activation date from first use, not date of purchase. Occasionally when we have really good offers, like our Black Friday or summer packages, there will be a shorter expiration windowWe do have an amnesty program for regularly priced class packs, so if you have classes that expire, we will add them to any new pricing options you purchase.



Please sign up for class in advance! Our instructors prepare for class and travel to the studio for YOU! Just like you would not want to show up at work for free, they do not want to show up and prepare for nobody! If you must walk-in without registering, be at least 5 minutes early, be prepared for class, and be prepared that the class may be full or be cancelled in the rare event that NO ONE signed up 2 hours in advance.



DRESS FOR YOUR COMFORT. Most pole classes begin with warm-ups, off and then on the pole. Feel free to wear comfortable work-out attire. Once you are working on the pole, you will want to expose some skin for grip and “stick”. While we don’t mind some “cheekiness”, we respectfully ask that you keep your private parts private while in the studio. If you are taking fabric or hoop classes you will most likely want to keep your legs and torso covered in a comfortable, close-fitting fabric. All other land-based classes are as you wish, keeping in mind that private parts are private! We respectully ask that you not wear undergarments (Unless they are meant to be seen) as your only layer. There is a private changing area, and restrooms next door.



NO STREET SHOES IN THE STUDIO. DANCING SHOES ONLY. You may remove street shoes and carry them into your cubby if you don't wan to leave them in the hallway. ABSOLUTELY NO RHINESTONES/STUDS/SPIKES/SHARP DECORATIONS ON SHOES. Hint: you may want to toss a pair of flip-flops into your dance bag for bathroom runs.


All phones on silent in the studio, please. No texting or phone calls in class-- Please have phone conversations in the family room or hallway only.


We encourage you to record yourself for 3 important reasons:
1. You will see how awesome you actually look!
2. You will see what things you want to work on next time!
3. You can post and tag #EmpoweredAF and share your happiness!


However, we must respect both our learning experience for ourselves and our classmates, as well as the privacy of those around us. Therefore we ask that you make sure that there is no one else visible in your video and restrict your videoing to freestyle and independent practice times. When in doubt, ask your instructor and those around you!


Our classes are designed for students 18 years and older, occasionally we will allow 16-17 year olds. Please ask us if you would like us to consider an exception! We are open to allowing the studio to be used for children’s classes, however our current group classes are geared toward adults/young adults.


Under no circumstances should children be left unsupervised in any area of Empowered Aerial Fitness. For everyone’s safety, thank you for your cooperation on this.


Generally our classes are geared for ages 18 and up. There is no upper limit. If you are healthy enough to participate, we welcome you to the appropriate level classes!

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