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Empowered Aerial Fitness


1.  Do not attend class/enter the studio if you have any of the following:
Known exposure within 14 days to someone who tested positive for Covid 19; are experiencing a fever, respiratory or other symptoms associated with Covid 19 in the past 24 hours; or have traveled out of state/by air/to a “hot spot” within 14 days.

2.  All staff and students are required to wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before entering the studio. A touch-less hand sanitizer dispenser is located inside the studio entrance. Spray bottles of alcohol are available for each pole. 

4.  All staff and students may wear a mask in the studio at any time, especially when relaxing/socializing in the family room area. If you forget your mask, we have disposable masks.

5.  Please remove street shoes outside the studio and place them on shoe rack or carry them in to a cubby. DANCING SHOES/HEELS OR FITNESS SHOES ONLY IN THE STUDIOS. NO CRYSTALS/STUDS/SHARP DECORATIONS ALLOWED. NO EXCEPTIONS.

6. You may use a cubbie or bring your belongings to your pole/hammock/dance space. You will be provided a freshly laundered pole towel, alcohol bottle, and, at the end of class, a Swiffer and floor cleaner spray to clean your floor area.

7.  When class is over, please use your Swiffer to clean your floor area and your towel to clean the entire pole. place used Swiffer pads in garbage and used towels in used towel bin.

8.  Floors will be cleaned nightly. All towels laundered with sanitize cycle after each use. All handles including doors, sweepers, bottles, etc, will be wiped daily/between uses with disinfectant cleaners.

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